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Business Admission essay

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Question 4
Getting into your program has always been one of my goals in education. Ever since I enrolled in college, I have dreamt of continuing my studies in this institution. Most of my role models went through this program as well as my career mentor. I know it is the right place for me and the perfect environment to further my career. The institution offers a great learning environment since both the students and faculties contribute to learning.
I have worked for several companies while in college and after completing my undergraduate. This has given me a lot of practical experience in the business world. Currently, I am working for a multinational company based in the state. My undergraduate GPA is low because I completed the last three years of college in hotel rooms and on the road. My job involves a lot of traveling which means I had to do most of the work by myself. Despite this, I am a hard working person always looking for the next challenge. I know the program is tasking, but I believe I will excel and get the best out it. I am also a United States Marine Corps veteran.
I consider myself a curious and open-minded person. At work, I am always keen to know what is happening in the business community. Additionally, I like sharing with others as well as contributing to the wellbeing of the city. The institution comprises of people from different professional backgrounds, personality, and cult…

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