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David C, Rettew MD, and Sara Pawlowski MD p.g. 1 “Bullying refers to repetitive and intentional peer aggression where there exists a power of imbalance” Bullying is continuous and intentional harassments on a lower power individual. Forms of bullying are; name-calling, physical assault, widespread rumors, personal ignoring or exclusion against will, online communications or media posts. Schools are common sites for bullying where “the experience of being bullied as a child has been viewed as an unpleasant but generally harmless rite of passage that carries with it few long-term consequences .” The experience of being bullied as a child has been seen as a repulsive but for the most part, safe custom of entry that carries with it long-term results. The involvement of being bullied is unpleasant and mostly harmless.
Negative effects of bullying
The magnitude of negative effects surprised mental health professionals and the general public, for example, bullying causes both psychological and physical problems such as anxiety, depression, psychosis trauma or suicide. Some victims have developed psychopathology.
Detecting and interventions on bullying.
Detection, for instance, involves screening sudden changes in behavior, truancy and chronic symptoms. “When bullying victims do present for help, it is often in the context of general somatic complaints without an obvious…

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