Bullies Vs. Dictators

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Bullies Vs. Dictators

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Bullies versus Dictators
Some people are known for oppressing others by taking their property and freedom among other things. Bullies and dictators are such people. They have a tendency of identifying the less advantaged in their environment and make them their targets of scorn. Bullies and dictators both use violence to get what they want. Most bullies and dictators are narcissistic and have a sense of entitlement (Cross 36). They feel like they should have everything hence they will get it even if it means hurting anyone who gets in the way.
They both have a team backing them. Bullies have a group of friends, usually a clique who stick around them to do their dirty work. Dictators also have a team or forces that help them carry out their violent acts. Since most dictators are rulers, they work through military troops or people occupying other leadership positions. Both bullies and dictators get motivated by the fact they have power and the need to feel powerful. They oppress the weak and limit their freedom to experience power and be in charge (Papaioannou & Van Zanden 120). They also take advantage of the fact that they have the ability.
Bullies and dictators feed off oppressing others. Most bullies and dictators are narcissists with emotional insecurities and low self esteem. They, therefore, trample over others to feel good about themselves and boost their self-esteem. Most bullies and dictators are smooth talkers. …

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