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Nike Brand
Nike is a lifestyle brand whose image focuses on promoting athleticism, power, and fitness to the universe. As the manager of the brand, I have a significant role to play in promoting the growth of our brand by creating a positive image for our customers. My primary function is carrying out research, giving aid in designing retail packaging, maintaining contact with distributors, and working very closely with advertising agents to popularize the brand.
The marketing strategy of our brand does not only constitute the sale of athlete costumes and shoes but also focuses on making our customers identify with us, with our products. One reason that enables Nike to stand out as the best lifestyle brands is due to its compelling concept on customers; hence the brand can connect with anyone around the globe. This marketing strategy also enables Nike to be in a position to know and even showcase how vast of a target audience it consists. Our brand does not just appeal the athlete but is outstandingly appealing to anyone in the world interested in making a change.
Our brand is motivated to find what kind of products the customer values. It mostly targets clients between ages 15- 40. These age groups focus on sticking towards certain outstanding trends, and Nike provides for that. Nike uses survey methods to analyze and identify their consumers within a geographical area; they provide questionnaires where clients fill in…

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