Comparison of books and movies

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Comparison of books and movies

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Comparison of books and movies
It has been evident that people across the world have different preferences, with some having more liking for movies than others who prefer reading books. Thus, this diversity of interest presents a quite interesting argument in books and movies.
Movies and books have several similarities in that they address the same. A movie acted based on a story in a novel will send the same message to the reader and the audience. The people that watch the movie or read the book from which a movie is created will learn the same things. They get to learn of the same traits of the characters by either watching or reading. One can develop emotions and attitude towards a book or a movie, for instance, the story of Romeo and Juliet will always be the same regardless of whether read or watched in a movie (M-a-r-c-o L-e-e).
Reading a book consumes a lot of time depending on the speed of the reader. Some people can take up to even weeks reading a particular book whereas watching a movie can be shorter than two hours. Therefore, depending on one’s free time they will either read a book or watch a novel.
Despite the similarities between movies and books, many differences do exist that are much distinguishing. For instance, watching movies enables audiences to have the visual and audio feel of the story. They can a clear view of what the creators of the film wanted in visual terms. However, on other hand reading a book makes one have an imagination of what is depicte…

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