Blacks in the Holocaust

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Blacks in the Holocaust

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Blacks in the Holocaust
Background Information
Holocaust was a period between 1941 and 1945 where a genocide took place in Germany under the Nazi regime. Through the influence of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Germans wanted to establish a pure German race where there were no Jews, disabled, homosexuals and other collaborators of the Jews. During this period, the Jews and other collaborators such as the blacks were systematically murdered. Blacks and Jews in Nazi Germany and other German-occupied regions were killed bringing the number to about eleven million. Adolf Hitler considered the Jews and the blacks as inferiors and hence should be wiped out.
Treatment of the Blacks
After world War I, the Germans was stripped most of their colonies in Africa by other European countries such as France and Britain. The German military, missionaries, settlers and colonial bureaucrats returned to Germany with racist attitudes towards black. As a result, the German parliament (Reichstag) passed laws that aimed at separating blacks from whites such as abolishing of mixed marriages with blacks (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Par. 2). At the same time, most of the French troops used by the German were black and hence there were many blacks in the Rhineland. When the Nazi rose to power, Adolf instituted the mentality that the blacks were rapists and carried venereal diseases that could wipe out the white race. Consequently, methods to systemat…

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