Black Power Movement, Black Nationalism

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Black Power Movement, Black Nationalism

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Black Power Movement, Black Nationalism
A considerable volume of the history African Americans has exemplified the fight for overcoming destructive social powers demonstrated in both a pre- and post- bondage community. During a large extent of American history, rules and social traditions and folkways have made it mandatory for African Americans to pursue several options that would make it possible for them to recognize their capability by pursuing prospects for academic, financial, political freedom and independence. Black academics have normally recognized two propensities of African Americans looking to achieve their complete potential in the community: the need for incorporation by highlighting full involvement as the citizens of United States, and demand for Nationalism in which African Americans would be self-determining from community, underlining shared action of African Americans on the basis of collective heritage and common interests. The aim of this paper is to examine Black Nationalism, and important African American campaigners of this philosophy as a manifestation for African Americans endeavoring to find solutions to communal discrimination.
The longing for Black freedom and independence traces its beginning to the start of the 18th century following the establishment of the African Methodist Episcopal Church At the start of the 19th century, the propagation of the issue of slavery in a a…

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