Black Plague

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Black Plague

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The black plague also known as the Black Death or the Bubonic Plague is a deadly bacterium that has claimed over 220 million lives in the past centuries. In places like Dublin and Genoa which were more tropical lost a quarter of its population but for those countries like Florence Caux and Normand the population started to exceed the nourishment supply and an extreme monetary emergency started to occur. Then winters with its great chill and then the summers. Because of this compelling climate there was low products yielded and those that grew started dying off. Expansion turned into a typical event, and as famine broke out, individuals started to stress and sadly died. The lucky ones to survive suck refuge in countries like Scotland and island that were lucky not to contract plague this is what I and many who share the same believe have to say that this was through the mercy of the lord God. (Collinge, Sharon K., et al)(945)
Research experts believed that Black Death was a mutation combination of anthrax and several cattle illness that attacks the immune system breaking fever and blood vessels then death. Over centuries has been swarming around the globe leaving its tales of death everywhere, a sad fact. It recently surfaced in the United States, New Mexico, Michigan and Colorado, luckily health officials said that bacteria did not pose the risk to Americas very populated cities because it was is…

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