Bill of Right

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Bill of Right

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Bill of rights
The bill of rights is an important document that contains or specifies the individual rights that the government should not contravene. In the US, the bill of rights plays a vital role in ensuring that the government protects citizens’ rights. The document spells clearly what the government can do and cannot do regarding the protection of its citizens (Jefferson 1). Its development was to prevent the unwarranted use of power by the government or unfair practices that are common when clear systems of procedure are not adhered. The provision of the bill of rights remains an important part of the US constitution given that it cannot be ratified in any way without the chapter and clauses detailing the rights of citizens. The key provisions of the bill of rights include the right to privacy, equality before the law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and adherence to due processes (Haws 2). This paper gives a detailed discussion of the bill of rights with a focus on its formulation and development.
The bill of rights
The process of drafting the bill of rights started in earnest after the blueprint for self-government was developed in Philadelphia in a meeting of convened delegates from 13 states in the year 1787 (Jefferson 1). The process started when it was later realized that the constitution was extensively flawed for one major thing. The reason is that it did not have a specific declaration section f…

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