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Bethany 2

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Several differences exist between the managers and the team members they leading. Some of the reasons why these managers treat their staff members badly are due to the conflict of interest. The team that the manager is leading might have a contrary opinion on how to handle a specific task as compared to that of the manager (Church, 2014, Np). As a result of this conflict of interest, the managers are forced not to pay attention to the team members and their opinions. And also, most of the managers have the top bosses who give directive on the amount of work that should be done by every team in the company. Because of this pressure provided from the top, the managers tend to behave differently from the teams they are leading. These strange behaviors make the team members concentrate on the work that they are doing rather than negotiating with the manager.
In addition, it is recommended that the team members view the manager as their boss and not as their friends. The obnoxious behavior of the manager, therefore, is done in order for the team members to have a boundary between them and the manager. Once the manager becomes a friend to the team that he or she works with, the team members will view him/her as their equal and this will interfere with the proper work that is performed by the team (Hill and Lineback, 2011, Np). As a boss the manager has some of the powers to command some of the ac…

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