Benefits of yoga for children

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Benefits of yoga for children

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14 April 2015
Benefits of Yoga for Children
In today’s world everyone and everything seems so fast paced and stressed, even the kids are not untouched by the present situation. Stressed out, under nourished, and leading a sedentary life are among the various characteristics that describes a “typical child” 1. Hence, a method of medication that hits both the physical and the psychosocial sphere of children are required. According to the study of Parshad2, our mind and body are associated intimately. Relaxation of the mind can be felt in the muscles of the body, which would also appear relaxed. A state of physical and mental tension is produced by stress (Stueck and Gloeckner 377).
Developed thousands of years ago yoga is identified as a form of mind–body medication. Focusing on different features of body mechanics, fitness, and spirituality several forms of yoga exist. According to Parshad’s study, physical postures and breathing exercises of yoga leads to the improvement of muscle strength, flexibility, blood circulation and uptake of oxygen as well as functioning of hormone.
Yoga is seen as a promising method of physical and mental development among the children. A lot of pediatric healing settings are incorporating yoga for the well being and overall growth and development of a child, various schools, colleges and institution have already integrated it. However, a careful examination of the r…

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