Benefits of Conducting a Thorough Review of Literature

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Benefits of Conducting a Thorough Review of Literature

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Benefits of Conducting a Thorough Review of Literature
It is essential to do a comprehensive literature review before writing a research proposal. The part of the study involves the researcher’s efforts in finding articles related to the topic they have chosen to work on. The literature review enables the researcher to integrate a solid foundation of knowledge in the field he or she has selected. As a result, the literature review offers direction to the research. In the case that questions arise during the process, the scholar will know what to focus on to ensure a quality research proposal. Therefore, a thorough review of literature is crucial in developing a valid and adequate.
One of the benefits of conducting a literature review is that it gives the researcher the opportunity to evaluate the contemporary state of the study on a topic. Once the scholar has an idea of the area they want the research to focus on, a search of relevant sources of knowledge would aid in determining what is already known about the topic (Leedy & Ormrod, 2015). Therefore, following the search for significant information, the researcher will identify the areas that most studies have covered regarding the matter. The knowledge would help build on the background of the study thus increasing its quality and validity.
Additionally, a comprehensive review of literature aids in the pinpointing of experts on a certain topic. Looking through the available information would reveal which researchers …

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