Being raised by Mom and Grandmother

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Being raised by Mom and Grandmother

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Being Raised by a Single Mom and a Grandmother
Steve Ruskin once said, “Moms are as inexorable as the tides. They do not just drive us to practice; they drive us to Greatness”. I believe the biggest challenge I faced throughout my seventeen years of living on planet earth is being raised by two strong-minded and determined single women: my mother and my grandmother. As a youngster, I never thought of growing up in a single parent home; I missed the farther figure in my life. In fact, I always tried to imagine how it felt to have both the mother and the father in one’s life; I thought it was more satisfying than having a single parent.
Nevertheless, having my mother and grandmother was more than just a blessing to me. They often went beyond their motherly duties to make sure I lacked nothing in my life. The truth is there were times I would question myself whether they could really afford all that I needed. To my surprise, nevertheless, my mother and grandmother rarely said they could not afford or unable to supply my needs. However, as time passed, I began to get older, and this made me I realize the value of my mama and grannie in my life. I appreciated their presence, treasured their support, and enjoyed their conviction to see me grow up each day.
Undoubtedly, I knew my mother and grandmother would strive to do their best to take care of me and instill in me the importance of being a well-rounded, respectful young man who hopef…

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