Being a University Student and a Mom

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Being a University Student and a Mom

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This thesis is based upon research done on randomly selected two-year college institutions in various states in America like Santa Barbara City College in California to St Louis community college in Missouri. This research has as well touched on various four-year college institutions in America like the University of Michigan. The aim of this research is to compare and contrast two-year and four-year college institutions and identify their similarities and differences. It will scrutinize student life and the general cost incurred by the student in pursuit of his study then compare and contrast. The impact of a student from a two-year college to a student in a four-year college in their field of study. It also studies the scope of their opportunities after school as well.
Students who go to community or two-year colleges are those who would wish to go directly into a particular trade or vocation after graduating from college, also those students who could not meet the threshold of a university entry prerequisite seek to do so through these community colleges. There are others who cannot afford the tuition fee of a four-year college and, therefore, seek to save money through a general education before transferring. However, an exceptional student may not feel challenged in a two-year college courses and, as a result, may end up being bored and lose interest in the courses altogether. On the contrary, students in a four-year institution are th…

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