Behaviour Intervention

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Behaviour Intervention

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Behavior Intervention: Bullying at schools
Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior that is common among school-aged persons who participate in a situation of imbalance of power in reality or a perceived manner as shown in What is “What is Bullying…”. (2015)). The behavior can also be exhibited by adults, for instance, in the workplace where a given worker is harassed by fellow work mates. The unwanted aggressive behavior can recur from time to time. Children of any age may be involved in bullying behaviors; bullying has been linked to some mental illnesses like stress and depression among school-aged children which affects their academic performance “What is bullying…” (2015)).
Identify and Analysis
To be able to identify bullying and help stop it, it is important to be aware of the characteristics that bullies possess and exhibit at school and in the society. Bullying is manifested through issuing of threats, physical or verbal attacks. Also, the exclusion of someone from a group for a given purpose can is a form of bullying, and finally, the activities of spreading rumors about someone is also considered to be a form of bullying. Bullying can also be identified as a physical or psychological attack on weaker targets than the attackers. The attackers can conduct their bullying activities act school or after the schooling hours when the school management is not so keen on what students are doing Shetgiri, Espelage, & Carroll, (2015). The bulli…

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