Becoming a Split-Department Manager

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Becoming a Split-Department Manager

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Becoming a Split-Department Manager

Becoming a Split-Department Manager
According to research, managers play challenging roles such as monitoring the workers as well as providing the required services to the clients. They are also expected to motivate staff in their departments. In health care, hospitals tend to have management levels in various departments to ensure the success of all the hospital programs. In recent times, organizations are undergoing a different level of changes resulting in mergers and acquisitions. Hence, creative leadership has become critical in ensuring the success of the organizations such as hospitals. The paper provides a case study on health care as well as how to become a split department manager.
Management roles require one to develop the required skills, personality traits and interests to ensure one is well suited to the position. However, the current organizations tend to operate in environments that are characterized by increased complexities. Split-management involves dense interdependence and unpredictable connections. Being a medical laboratory technician, the management level only falls under the department to ensure my services are within my profession. Becoming a split department manager in the 60-bed rural hospital will involve different aspects. First, I will ensure my interests, skills, and personality traits are aligned with the department goals to ensure am well suited for the position (Lieble…

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