Basics of Astronomy Worksheet

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Basics of Astronomy Worksheet

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Understanding the origin of the earth
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The Universe
What is Earth’s Sun, and what is its role in the solar system?
What are the Milky Way galaxy and the sun’s position in it?
What is the Big Bang, and what does it say about the age of the universe?
What is meant by the phrase “looking out in the world is looking back in time?” The sun is a big star that is found in the center of the solar system and is responsible for weather and the climate changes (Edgeworth, 1949).
Additionally, the sun provides light to the planets that are necessary for survival.
The milky way is the name that is given to the barred spiral galaxy where the solar system is located. The solar system is situated in the vast galaxy of the stars. The sun is located near the edge of the milky way.
The big bang is a theory tells more about the origin of the universe it states that universe formation resulted from an explosion due to high temperatures and high density, where all matter
Moreover, energy was contained to one point (Edgeworth, 1949). The time of explosion has been regarded to be similar to the age of the universe
The terms mean that the light that we see from the galaxies has been travelling across space long before the existence of the earth. This is because light does not travel instantly.
Location in the Universe
What is Earth’s place in the solar system?
How close are the near…

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