Aura Contemporary Ensemble: Vecino del Sur (Southern Neighbor)

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Aura Contemporary Ensemble: Vecino del Sur (Southern Neighbor)

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Aura Contemporary Ensemble: Vecino del Sur (Southern Neighbor)On Monday, November 16, 2015, the University of Houston, Moore School of Music, presented the Aura Contemporary Ensemble at the Moores Opera House from 7:30 pm. The concert, dubbed Vecino del Sur (Southern Neighbor), featured music from the guest composer Javier Alvarez. They included; Metal de Corazones (2012), Horas marcades (2014), Chaconna (1991), Le Repas du Serpent (2004), Retour a la Raison (2004), n mambo (2001), Triple enclave (2004), Overture (2001) and Mambo a la Bracque (1990). The pianist of the concert, Tali Morgulis, was outstanding, and her performance, to me, was the highlight of the evening.
Javier Alvarez is a well-known music composer. He is particularly famous for his style, which combines different music styles and traditions using new technologies and uncommon instruments. Born and raised in Mexico City, Alvarez learned how to compose music with Mario Lavista. He studied music at the Royal College of Music in London (peermusicclassical). His compositions have been inspired by cultures from different parts of the world. For instance, the kayagum, a traditional Korean string instrument, inspired Mannam (1992). This composition combines Korean music style with techniques from the traditional Mexican harp. He also borrows from the dance genres of Latin America like the mambo; for example, in n mambo (2001). He has composed for solo instruments…

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