Astronomy Thesis

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Astronomy Thesis

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Questions 1
Hotter stars are bluer whereas the cooler ones are redder in color.
A hotter star is the one which is more luminous than the cooler star.
In this scenario, the large star has the highest luminous when compared with a small one when initially they have the same temperatures.
Question 2
High mass stars have a very shorter lifespan when compared with the sun, as it has high material but burns easily due to the higher inner temperatures.
They have low luminosity when compared with the sun, due to the fact that they have low temperatures and thus the rate of reaction is also low.
A large radius star has low mass when compared with the sun.
Question 3
The force of gravity and internal pressure help to balance the sun and prevent it from falling. If a force of gravity was to act alone it would make the sun to be a black body and fall down but internal pressure prevents and the mechanism is known as hydrostatic equilibrium.
Question 4
Nuclear fusion is the process responsible for generating energy from the sun. Through the process temperature and pressure make the core of the sun to cause separation of nuclei from the electrons. Through this process, the radiant energy which we use on earth surface is released.
Question 5
The list will contain many low temperatures when compared with high temperatures. This is according to the H-R diagram that only a few regions of the diagrams have high temperatures stars a…

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