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Religious cults
A cult refers to a system of religious worship which has its rites, ceremonies and inspires great devotion. In the recent years, there has been an increase in the formation of cults, also known as New Religious Movements based on different religious concepts. Some of these cults have extreme beliefs based on issues such as the Armageddon, religious cleansing, God’s execution of men through fellow men among many other unbelievable bases. Cults may be based on many other religions such as the Muslim religion. Some of these Muslim religious cults inspire such a great devotion that gradually they become revolutions that no longer persuade their following but rather force the non-believers to join forcefully or face detrimental consequences such death, slavery, rape, torture, destruction of residences and property, just to mention a few.
This study on religious cults is crucial now more than ever considering that the near past has seen a great emergence of New Religious Movements all over the world. In the past, it had been assumed that members of the cult were people who grew up as troubled kids, people who had bad childhoods and were bitter and of poor conduct because they lacked the necessary guidance and discipline when growing up. However, different studies and observation of current practical situations prove this assumption wrong. A good example is the al-Shabaab religious movement in Somalia. In a rec…

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