Assignment Interrogation and Investigation Procedures

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Assignment Interrogation and Investigation Procedures

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JUS 441 Topic 4 Interrogation and Investigation Procedures
Instructions: Answer the five questions below. Please review and respond to each of the following questions. Each response should be substantive, meaning at least three to four sentences demonstrating analytical thought. If the response is simply yes or no, or a short single sentence, you will likely receive either partial or no credit for that question.
Each question is worth 10 points each. The instructor is looking for the substantiveness of responses, whether you provide a response that meets the minimum word count (50-100 words), and whether you provided citations (when applicable). Your responses will also be reviewed for logic. NOTE: Even though this information may come from the textbook, you are expected to state the information in your own words and cite it.
What limitations do courts impose on police in the use of deception in the interrogation of suspects?
Courts do not tolerate misrepresentation of the legal rights pertaining to a defendant by the police. This includes promising the suspect that whatever statements he or she will issue out are not subject to being used against the suspect. The amount of psychological coercion induced on a suspect is limited if it compromises the ability of the suspect to confess falsely in a bid to protect those endangered. This includes interrogations that impose threats to the relatives of the suspect which are perceived to be inappropriate by the court CITATION …

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