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Challenges of disruptive change
A change is usually good for any existing business if it is aimed at reaching more clientele and bringing more significant profit margins. However for any shift in successfully occur a company has to brace itself for what it takes, and innovation has become such a complicated venture for established businesses. Managers of organizations should have the capability to tell whether the company once subjected to the change is capable of making it through or it might bring it to a stall. This can be done by not only the assessment of the staff capabilities but also the structure of the organization, its abilities, and disabilities (Christensen and Overdorf, 2000).
To understand what changes an existing business is capable or incapable of handling, a manager should recognize the core capabilities of the organization and examine how these capabilities migrate with the growth and maturation of the company. Factors that determine what a business can be able to handle include its resources, values, and processes. Resources include people, equipment, funds, designs, information and relationship with suppliers. With access to high-quality ample resources, the higher the possibility of a company surviving change. Values of any company, in this case referring to criteria by which personnel set that assist them in decision making to prioritize things for instance which products to choose or which clients to see. Proces…

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