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Article Review Revised

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Article Review
The article has presented the significance of B Players in organizations. Ideally, B Players are steady and competent employees who balance their personal lives while still handling the bulk work of the firm. A Players, on the other hand, are star performers who put their career lives ahead of their personal lives and families. A Players are usually preferred and valued by employers because of their outstanding performances, intelligence, motivation, and personality. However, they may transfer to other firms for better compensation (DeLong and Vijayaraghavan n.p.). Organizations may, therefore, expose themselves to a risk of failure if they disregard their B Players.
What I have learned about myself
After reading the article written by DeLong and Vijayaraghavan, I realized that I have the characteristics of an A Player. This is because I always have a champion’s mindset, a desire to complete tasks in time, self-discipline and integrity. I always believe that winning is inevitable and not a remote possibility. As a self-starter, I am usually able to motivate myself, maintain focus, prioritize and re-prioritize my duties to ensure that I accomplish them in time. As such, I believe that I have an imposed regimen that helps me thrive at what I do best. Reading the article has also enabled me to understand that B players are important and should not be disregarded in the organization.
My Lessons about Human Nature

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