article English is a crazy language

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article English is a crazy language

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Summary of the article
The article starts by stating that The English language is the most commonly used language in the world. The author gives numerous examples that support the fact that The English language is the most commonly used. Some of the example cited by the author are that for every seven people, one person uses The English language. He also writes that The English language is also used in many areas like writing books, in radio programs as well in a large number of international phone calls. The paragraph ends by author stating that the English language has the largest vocabulary globally.
The proceeding paragraphs are filled with his comparison of different words. He expresses his discontentment in the manner English words form their plurals and opposites. He also talks about the origin of certain words and wonders why word formation does not take a certain trend. It is these irregularities in the language that make him conclude that English is a crazy language. For example, he says that there are no pine or even apple in the fruit pineapple. He also says that there is no ham in the word hamburger.
Forming the argument
The examples cited by the author truly makes one believe that English is indeed a crazy language. The word formation in The English language cannot be predicted. One need to interact fully with the language so as to understand it fully. The manner in which the English words forms their plurals as w…

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