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art and society

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How Abstract Painting Changed the Way we See Art
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The invention of photography made art, as a way to represent reality, lose all their significance. That is why the abstract painting came to life. With photography, all the tries to recreate perspective, and the most vivid representation possible of the environment, became useless. With a method that created life-like images with a click, all the intents to do it without a photography, fell short. That is why artists from the beginning of the 19th century felt the urge to create a new revolution on art, to shift the paradigm. In the same way, the technological advances created a new vision of life, and objects. Abstraction was born as a response to that. In a world full of images, abstraction rises as the simplification of all the forms, to escape from our everyday life, and lift the conventions imposed by academic art. In the same way, Abstraction, unlike the previous movement drew from theoretical arguments, arguments that reflected the painter’s reality instead the environment. We aim to assess that issue, and show the way abstraction changed the way we see image, and our perception of things. In a world surrounded by image, abstraction defies the concepts, and offers a new scenario of what life is.
The Blue Rider Movement
Wassily Kandinsky, along with a group of other artists formed a group called The Blue Rider in response to the rejection Kandinsky’s painting “Last Judgment” …

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