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Art analysis

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The Basket of ApplesOver time, art has proved to be the best tool for the preservation of human culture over decades. Critical analysis of sculpture and portraits has revealed so much about various human epochs and eras. The analysis of artistic materials is therefore as important as the art itself. Various paintings, sculptures and other art materials have been studied over time and immense information has been obtained from them. Some paintings have been hailed while others were just there, just paintings. Art is, however, interesting. It is food for the human eye and only through critical analysis can one end up loving and appreciating art. Studying art has helped me improve my observation skills. There are seven critical and very vital steps to be taken when studying a particular piece of art. You do not just look at the piece and make certain rash conclusions, claiming you have already studied that piece.
The Painting, ‘The Basket of Apples’ is one great piece of art. It is a painting done by Paul Cezanne. It is a simple yet attractive painting that was done in the year 1895.It is oil on canvas painting, measuring sixty-eight by eighty centimetres. It is located at the Institute of Art in Chicago (Sayre 58). The painting has an element of disjointedness. It is described of being made of different part joined to form one painting. The painting shows a bit of a table onto which a bottle, a basket of apple and a plate…

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