Argumentation TV make you smarter or not

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Argumentation TV make you smarter or not

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Does watching TV make you smarter?
The immediate effects of Television have been debated over by experts ever since the technological invention became a permanent fixture in the lives of people. Till the 1980s, social scientists were of the view that TV had no effect at all on children’s mental development. In fact, it was also thought that children’s minds were not capable of processing the sensory overload that TV provides: their minds are unable to make sense of the combination of music, pictures, and video. It was only a tool to catch their attention and keep them occupied. However, why is it so, then, that most children under the age of five strive to emulate what they see on television? Why does every child want to be as beautiful as the leggy model strutting down the runway? What is aiding children’s precocious nature: how do they know things that they should not before their age?
Various TV programmes and video makers may make outrageous claims about their educational prowess. There is, however, little evidence to show that they have a significant effect on any age group, especially where development is concerned. In all reality, TV does not make one smarter.
The truth of the matter is that children in the contemporary age understand more than their predecessors. A lot of their time goes into and around TV. Children are no longer passive consumers for any TV show producer: they constitute a market of their o…

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