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Distance Education or Traditional Education
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Traditional education can also be referred to as fundamental, habitual and conservative education as it denotes to long, well-known customs initiated in schools that community traditionally practiced(Edwards, 2011). Some methods of education modification stimulate the implementation of progressive education, performance, a universal approach that emphasizes on distinct students’ desires and self-expression. On the eyes of improvers, traditionally centered instructor approaches, skills focus on memorization and repetition learning. Traditional education is well organized as compared to distance education because the teaching techniques applied in distance learning are borrowed from traditional education.
The principal business of customary education is to convey to a subsequent generation, those facts,standards and skills of social and moral behavior that grown-ups ponder to be essential for the following generation’s materials and social achievement. As legatees of this system, which informs progressivism that John Dewey (2010) outlined as being executed from beyond and from external, the apprentices are anticipated to obey, receive and believe these fixed responses. Instructors are the tools by which awareness is docilely converted and values of which behaviors are imposed.
A mere fact, the chief educational method of customary education was an unpretentious oral or recita…

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