are public schools safe?

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are public schools safe?

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Safety and quality of education in public schools
Are public schools safe? Is the quality of education in public schools up to acceptable standards? These are questions that have been asked many times during public debates, political conventions, parent-teacher meetings and many other places but are the answers given ever satisfactory? As the students were returning to school after the shooting incidence, parents whose children are enrolled at the Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown for the first time saw the school in a different light. As they looked around at the infrastructure of the school, the fence, the doors and the building on the inside they kept asking themselves whether these facilities were adequate for the safety of their kids. Even though public schools have their flaws, there is a lot more positivity that comes along with these schools that people don’t consider before passing judgment on them.
A study conducted by the National Centre for Education Statistics (NCES) for the year 2013-2014 for safety and discipline in public schools. In this study, public schools were found to take precautionary security measures with 93% controlling access to the school facilities when school was in progress. 75% of public schools had security cameras too. 68% of these schools also required that all their staff to wear their work identity cards while 58% had a strict code of dressing that for all students and personnel. Training of the…

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