Arctic Sea Ice

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Arctic Sea Ice

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Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis
The article is about the scientific analysis of the conditions of the Arctic sea ice which provides information more frequently relative to the conditions at specified intervals of time. It also looks at the level of the Arctic sea ice in the previous years as compared to what is being experienced currently as to whether it is at its lowest or maximum(NSIDC, 1). There has been a constant increase in the level of ice in the Arctic sea ice in all sides of the sea; the Atlantic side and the Pacific side of the Arctic. Records from the satellite show Arctic sea ice attained its annual maximum level in March 2018. In the past four years, there occurred lowest maximum extents in the level of the sea ice.
The concentration of sea ice refers to the total area covered by the sea ice about its total at some particular specific location in the sea. It is usually used by climate scientists and nautical navigators as a variable. The percentage threshold used to delineate sea ice is extent usually is 15 percent.
The maximum sea ice extent occurs during lower temperatures with cold air experienced by the sea ice which increases the rate of freezing while the minimum sea ice extent occurs when there are slightly higher temperatures at sea with warm air blowing which causes ice to melt away.
The difference that was there between the 1979 and 2017 maximum sea ice extent is 14.48 million square kil…

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