Arab Israeli conflict

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Arab Israeli conflict

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Arab-Israel Conflict
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Arab-Israel Conflict
The Arab-Israel conflict has been well documented with land as the main issue behind the conflict. However, the water resource is also central to the conflict, and perhaps the motivating factor fueling the conflict.Prior to the 1960s, Palestine and other Arab states such as Lebanon and Jordan controlled some of the lands that have since fallen under the control of the Israelis. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are originally Palestinian and Arab territories. The Six-day war in 1967 was the start of the conflict and the war between the two states. Justice, rights to the use of the resource, as well as the continuity of the countries, has also been dragged into the debate to determine how to solve the conflict permanently.Israel has since taken control of the water resources that were initially under the control of the Palestinians (Gleick&Heberger, 2014). The issue of water maldistribution will be the central theme of this paper. Land conflicts, among other factors, as the sources of the conflict, will be examined and discussed, but the emphasis will be laid on the actions taken by Israel in furthering the conflict.
Both the surface water and the underground water resources have greatly contributed to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.Israel has used the water security issue as the main reason behind the actions that it has taken and the military action it has taken…

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