Politics in our daily lives

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Politics in our daily lives

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Politics In Our Daily Lives nameInstitution
Politics is defined as any activity linked to the management and organization of a state or a region (Leftwich, 2015). Politics affects our lives in one way or another, and it is advisable to vote for leaders who will value citizen’s welfare.
Political decisions made have a positive or negative impact on our everyday lives. Many citizens have a notion that politics is a waste of time without knowing that the political decisions concerning; security, rights and freedom, gender equality, healthcare, taxes charged on goods and salaries, government employment opportunities, education, roads, and infrastructure affect lives (Collin & Martin, 2013). When the government decides not to have policemen at the borders, the country will be insecure.Citizens of that country will live in fear of attacks from the outsiders (Altheide, 2017). When a country does not invest in health equipment in public hospitals that many citizens can afford, citizens who cannot afford private means will have lack an alternative.
Our life experiences are political because they are related in one way or another with the government decisions. The roads we use daily when going to places, are they in a state that will ease our traveling. We purchase goods daily in supermarkets and other stores. The tax levied on such products will affect our lives in one way or another .when the government increases the VAT of a basic need, its price will increase, and th…

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