Application Traumatic Brain Injury( N.S.)

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Application Traumatic Brain Injury( N.S.)

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Application Traumatic Brain Injury
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Application Traumatic Brain Injury
With more people using cars and other transport means, the numbers of accidents have increased tremendously. A high number of people are suffering from diseases that have been caused by accidents (Atkins, 2017). However, based on the previous injuries, it becomes very hard for them to be diagnosed. As a result, the majority of them end up losing their lives. On the other hand, the pressure in the workplaces and the society at large has taken a toll on a high number of people. As a result, the number of people suffering from stress and stress-related diseases has increased immensely. Therefore, to address the high mortality rates, it’s critical to solving the morbidity problem that affects millions of people across the world.
The young people make the largest segment in the population. However, many of their parents are highly engaged in the workplaces as they try to support their families. As a result, young people do not have anyone to share their predicaments with after being involved in traumatic events which damage their brains. Therefore, many of them are spending their time on television, computer, or mobile phones. This has created a platform for bullies to execute their mission. As a result, the majority of them are suffering from stress-related diseases. This explains the reason why the number of those committing suicide has increased tremendously. Ther…

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