Application Mathematical Concepts

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Application Mathematical Concepts

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Application of Mathematical Concepts
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Application of Mathematical Concepts
I have always considered Fibonacci series as a collection of numbers that don’t have any real-life application. According to Arthur Benjamin (2013), Fibonacci numbers appear in nature very often such as the petals in flower and the number of spirals in a pineapple or a sunflower. This was a fascinating fact about the Fibonacci numbers. The most exciting thing I learnt about the numbers is their ability to form exciting patterns after addition and multiplication operations.
Arthur Benjamin recommends that mathematical schooling should be application oriented. Students are taught complex mathematical problems in school that they cannot apply in real life (Letsoalo, 2017). They are taught how to calculate the value of “x” in an equation without being told why they should do so. Notably, students learn how to solve mathematical problems to pass exams. The fun and beauty of mathematics are neglected since teachers fail to show students how mathematics can be applied in real life. According to Breslich (1996), mathematics enables students to have logical thinking, and this is an important problem-solving quality in life. Teachers should, therefore, embrace the application-oriented approach when teaching mathematics to eliminate the mentality that learning mathematics is a burden.
I was mesmerised the whole time Arthur Benjamin was showing the applicatio…

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