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Application for employment

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Application Letter
I write this letter regarding outstanding and exciting internship opportunity for graduates within the municipal council. The position mentioned above comes in the most appropriate time. I always hoped for such an opportunity for which my knowledge, skills, and experience would be highly utilized. My consideration is to work on a challenging position that offers an opportunity for both professional and personal growth while advancing in my career.
My vast knowledge and experience in management attained from the Metro Pacific Corporation DBA Desert Landscapers in business planning and development, finding new business proposals, formulating and implementing marketing strategies for the company, working with landscape installation developers for their inventory and heading all the Companies transactions. The managerial positions with the municipal government will be an ideal opportunity for advancement for both career and personal development. Completion of such a program in one of the busy city departments will lead to the development of valuable professional skills and relations with the current and former interns in management levels.
As a luxury sales advisor with the Lyle Anderson Company, I was responsible for managing the sales of luxury homes in Hawaii’s finest golf community, strategically directing the sales team, responsible for training of sales agents and support staff in sales techniques, managed the sales functions within the company, an…

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