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Application Essay Revised

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Application Essay
Application Essay
One of the most critical pillars of public safety and state security is the fire department. Its role is huge in terms of response and rescue in emergencies. The history of the fire Department is long and its importance ca not be ignored at any cost. However, with the changing times coupled with evolving demands in terms of response, the fire department ought to review its mode of operation and way of response to meet the current needs. Conventionally, the fire department was mainly mandated to fight fires and respond to emergencies through rescue operations and providing first aid care to the victims. This has worked for the numerous years it has been in existence but has not been short of weaknesses. The basic care firefighters provide has not been enough in some cases depending on the gravity of the disaster. Some victims have ended up losing their lives in the process of awaiting transportation to hospital. The firefighters’ medical skills are limited and sometimes others lack even the basic first aid rules. This has put the performance of the Fire Department under scrutiny and there is urgent need to look for solutions as soon as possible to curb looming disasters.
That is why I came up with the idea of establishing a Paramedics section under the Fire Department. This department was mandated with the sole responsibility of administering medical care to fire victims between the scene and hospital. The paramedics were requ…

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