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Rather than getting too close to the participants by getting into their intimate environments and lives. It would be better to establish a boundary so that the research is formal and conducted in the secondary territory (Podolefsky et al., 263). This would help a long way to avoid biases due to the emotions that may be elicited by the close contact with the participant’s personal lives. This is because as a researcher you are not supposed to offer solutions but rather collect data without exerting any influence.
The use of language should ensure that the experiences of people and the reality of things in the field appear real to the reader. However, the language used should be such that the writer does not influence the writers to agree to their perception. The author should be careful to ensure not to be unethical by manipulating language to misrepresent facts and thus bias the information.
Spiritual beliefs of involved parties create a tough situation in ethical deliberations when conducting research. In such a study, maintaining of confidentiality and protecting the participants would be crucial in order to avoid instances of stigmatization due to society’s misconceptions about drug abuse and prostitution (Podolefsky et al., 257). Also, the challenges that participants encounter present a challenge of ignoring them despite the risks that they present and its interpretation in terms of justice and respect…

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