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appeal letter revised

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Dear sir/madam,
I am writing this letter as an appeal for my rejection to my dream school, Rice University. I sent my application for a position in the school. However, my application was rejected. I have always wished to join Rice University, and I believe that I should be given that chance since I have always worked hard in order to join the school. For two years, I have been working together with a professor from the University regarding a research. I am currently undertaking some classes in the university, and I managed to attain an A in this semester. However, I did not show that in my application. My GPA and ACT were very low, and I tend to believe that is the reason I was rejected. The reason of the low GPA and ACT is because I undertook the ACT test when my father was having a heart surgery. That was a trying time for my family and me thus I did not have much time to study for the test because I was the person in charge of all the activities. There are also two tests that I was not able to complete thus my transcript had some incomplete grades. However, I was able to take the two tests after I had submitted my application, and I managed to attain A in both of them. That improved my GPA to 3.78 from 3.27. After retaking the ACT test, I achieved a thirty-one that was an improvement from twenty-one. That shows that I could have performed better if I had all the time to undertake my studies. If given a chance to join the school, I believe…

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