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APA style essay Question

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Cognitive and Age-Related Disorders
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Cognitive and Age-Related Disorders
Q.1 Symptoms of Childhood Anxiety Disorders
There are some childhood anxiety disorders. Some of these disorders include panic disorder, separation anxiety disorder, and Selective mutism disorder among many others (Beidel & Alfano, 2011). Panic disorder in children can be diagnosed if a child experiences at least two unexpected anxiety attacks. It normally occurs suddenly and results from no apparent reason. It is immediately followed by one month of living in worry over another attack, and losing control (Beidel & Alfano, 2011).
Research has shown that many young children suffer from separation anxiety disorder. Children normally feel anxiety when a parent or a guardian gets out of the room or just disappeared out of sight (Mckay & Storch, 2011). Children can be easily distracted by these kinds of feelings. For instance, it is common for young children between the age of one year to five years to cry during the first day when left at pre-school or day care center. The child will eventually stop after getting used to the new environment. Children tend to experience excessive anxiety while they are far away from home or when their parents are away from them. They experience homesickness and misery for being far away from their loved ones. Other symptoms associated with separation anxiety disorder include a child demanding for a companion during b…

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