“A&P” by John Updike

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“A&P” by John Updike

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John Updike wrote the story entitled “A&P” in 1961. The title of the story is inspired by the physical setting of the text. Before its demise in 2015, “A&P” was a company that comprised various grocery stores. The story revolves around sexuality and integrates numerous sexual innuendos. Updike portrays the store’s checkout clerk as sexually active when he admires the three girls that enter “A&P”. In fact, Sammy is the checkout clerk and protagonist of the story. “A&P” fulfills some of the demands desired by the author. Updike wanted stories that; engage him within the first sentences, sharpen his knowledge of human actions in the middle, and give him completion in the end. This paper focuses on fulfilling those demands.

“A&P” is narrated in the first person thus it captures the readers’ attention within the first few sentences. The first person narrative ensures that readers understand the mind of the narrator. Also, it is intriguing to observe three girls approaching a grocery store clad in bathing suits. Such clothing is designed for the beach. As a result, it is evident that Updike’s story engages the readers within the first sentences. They also capture Sammy’s attention, and he vividly describes their appearance to the readers. At this point, the readers understand that Sammy is a sexually active young boy.

As the story continues, it is salient to observe the nature of human activities. Irrespective of his sexual attraction, Sammy shows respect to t…

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