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Any topic from the Instructions please :)

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Food and Family Culture
1. There are many ways to define words like diversity and multicultural. However, what defines our culture as much as anything is the food we eat. Please explain how food plays an important part in your family’s culture. Provide examples as to how food defines you, your family, and your ethnicity. Be as specific as possible.
Food plays a very significant role in defining our ethnicity and the family culture. More often, we use our traditional foods to retain the cultural identity irrespective of the geographical location (Giorda, 418). Individuals from various cultural backgrounds eat different food, ingredients, cooking procedures and methods of preservation. The type of meals varies on separate occasions and time of the day. In this case, the historical perspective, the origin, and beliefs of the ancestors dictate the patterns of the foods in various cultures. Besides, food acts as a source of security and national pride
For instance, in my family culture, various food items portray different meanings. A box of chocolate appears as a suitable gift. The recipients would portray a different reaction when given a bunch of cabbages or tomatoes as a gift. Similarly, the type of meal defines the nature of the occasion therein. The foods tend to be symbolic of the kind of the event. For instance, in most of the wedding ceremonies, people are served with Pyongyang cold noodles. The noo…

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