Any pediatric disorder

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Any pediatric disorder

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Pediatric Disorder
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General Introduction
Under instances of high contamination levels, it is not uncommon to breathe in contaminated air as well. Notably, individuals diagnosed with asthma stand a higher chance of feeling the consequences of breathing in harmful substances compared to the those without this illness. Statistical report findings indicate that there has been a general increase in the prevalence of asthma, especially in the United States compared to other parts of the world (Gorai et al., 2016). However, there are no proper direct reasons that could explain the hypothesis above; nonetheless, there has been some evidence to back it up. According to the National Health Interview Survey statistics, at least 30% of all children start wheezing by the time they hit three years of age. This paper endeavors to focus more, on asthma by addressing its vital component, the problem attached to it as well as the synthesis of the two factors discussed.
Specific Introduction
The term asthma is used to refer to a chronic illness that displays typical features such as wheezing as well as persistent occurrences of breathlessness. However, the severity of these symptoms does vary in frequency from one patient to another (Philipi, 2016). The tubes of the inner lining of the bronchi swell leading to the narrowing of the air passage which eventually causes the cut down of the flow of air exchange in the lung during an attack.

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