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The play Antigone was written by Sophocles in 426 B.C. The play is basically about the woman known as Antigone who wanted to bury her brother even though this had been outlawed by the Thebian king, Creon. The king believed that his word was law and that no one had the authority to question him even though the issue seemed justified or not. Antigone, however, dares to challenge him knowing that the consequence of her actions might be far-reaching. Though the poem was written over 2,000 years ago, the themes in the play seem to resonate so well with many of the events happening in the current World we live in. Some of the prevalent issues in the play that are still relevant include the role of women vs women in the society and civil disobedience.
The theme of civil disobedience is seen when Antigone decides that the decree against burying her brother was unjustified. She then decides to bury her brother even after being warned by her sister Ismene. She believes that her brother deserves a decent burial and is ready to all she can to ensure that this happens. According to her, his body was to “lie in the fields, a sweet treasure for carrion birds to find as they search for food.” (Sophocles, Npag) She believed that she is totally justified to break the law as she did although she would be guilty of a serious crime. She basis her argument on the belief that laws would only be superior if they came from the god…

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