antebullum id genealogies of identification and registration

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antebullum id genealogies of identification and registration

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Date Antebellum ID: Genealogies of identification and registration
According to the insight from the reading, mobility was seen as a threat since it was considered as the key opportunity to escaping and everyday survival for the black slaves. However, it was the source of power for integrating and maintaining familial ties between slaves thus developing resistance. On the contrary, stealing was rampant due to mobility and this activity was the most common among other illegal activities. Goods that were normally stolen by the free and captive Africans Americans were food, liquor, livestock or cloth. Mobility was normally seen as a threat by planters since they were being murdered when the slaves wanted to escape and also encountered persistent resistance in re-expropriation of their properties and theft.
On the other hand, the mobility threat was eventually neutralized regardless of some few hindrances encountered. Moreover, slave patrols were invented as a new system of controlling black people’s mobility. Slaves were issued with slave pass that they were to carry with them while abroad at night and produce them to patrollers along the way. The written pass was issued by the slave’s masters clearly indicating permission of movement. It was further considered as a crime when a slave could be found without a pass card. For instance from the reading, Francis Fredric who was a former slave described the…

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