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Health Training and Development
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The use of small chunk in the provision of information is of great importance when compared to the provision of chunk information all at once (Meyer, 2016). The small chunk information can be related to the previous information that has been provided previously with a lot of ease. The small chunk information also takes limited time to be stored in the memory than a bulk of information. Similarly, the retrieving of the bits information that is stored in small chunks can be done with easily especially when the pieces of information are linked to other information that had been provided before since they are recorded in relatively similar place and folder. The related pieces of information in small chunks are normally grouped. Since the chunks have varying activation levels, when they are provided in small chunks, then they are processed and stored at a faster rate (Meyer, 2016). The comprehending and remembering of information presented in small chunks is improved since the scanning is easier. For instance, when teaching a learner, it is recommended that the information is provided in small bits so that they can memorize and relate what they are taught with what they were taught in the previous studies. These related pieces of information that are taught in small bits make the learner have the time to recall and remember what that is learned.
The four motivational strategies for the ARCS model include the attent…

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