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Chemical Engineering: Quotation Answers
The most exciting part of the chemical engineering career is the designing of both equipment and processes. Creating solutions that are visible is the most satisfying aspects of chemical engineering. The application of problem-solving skills using physics, biology, math, and chemical principles provides an excellent avenue to expound on my interest area.
A chemical engineer earns an approximate annual salary of $ 94,350 which is about $ 45.36 for every hour. Those working in coal and petroleum manufacturing settings are the best paid. There are also other benefits that a chemical engineer can access including Profit Sharing Awards and stock options.
In 2012, the available job slots were 33,000, and there is a projection of 4% growth by 2022. The rate is slow in comparison to other careers due to its dependence on the demand for manufactured products. However, chemical engineers can take advantage of the increasing application of technology in various industries to get employment. The job outlook is not attractive but with creativity in seeking alternatives, it is possible to have a successful career in chemical engineering.
The job demands that one has a chemical engineering degree including laboratory, field, and classroom studies. The career requires that I develop analytical skills to solve design problems. Additionally, I have to be innovative in applying engineering principles and understand the chemi…

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