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Category: Cause and Effect Essay

Subcategory: Theology

Level: Masters

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Why do I Deserve this Scholarship?
I could start this dissertation telling you my strengths and my goals in this program. I could cite ran-of-the-mill quotes to show you my apparent will to succeed. Instead, today I shall tell you about myself and my environment, so you do not get an overrepresentation of myself. If I am to start an academic relationship with [Insert Institution], it has to be based on honesty and mutual trust.
Hence, I shall tell you about my environment. In my work, I am the organizer. I coordinate activities within the office to improve the employees’ relationships and make it a friendly environment for work. We even started a few friendly ping-pong matches five years ago, and it has become a tradition for my colleagues and me to play a few games now and then. To be honest, I noticed that playing ping-pong helped me focusing on the small things, on the details. Hitting that little ball with the paddle gave me a keen eye on small parts of management. Now, what started as a few friendly matches among friends game me the mindset to take decisions with a limited timeframe, focusing on the details as any wrong movement can turn out to a loss.
My academic training gave me the tools I needed to succeed, and my grades helped me achieving my primary goals. Now that I finished that step, I realized that succeeding in an MBA program is not all about grades. Instead, to succeed in this new environment, I have to adapt, and I found that capacity within…

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