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Grievance Discussion Case 6
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1. Assume the role of director of human resources for Saga Food Services. How would you present your case that John Arnett is not entitled to his holiday pay for Labor Day? 
The case of paying John Arnett on holiday is quite intriguing. As director of human resource, I would argue that John is not entitled to his holiday pay for Labor Day. In my case, I would argue that John did not follow the right protocol of requesting for leave a day before one is off. In this situation, John called the company Tuesday night which was not a part of the working hours as stipulated by the existing regulations. I would also argue that since John did not work on Mondays, there was in no way he could be entitled to pay on Monday given the Labor Day. Therefore, on my side, there is no justification for John Arnett to receive the Labor Day pay (Budd, 2017, pg 342).
2. As a business agent for Local 444, how would you argue that John Arnett is due his holiday pay? 
Teamsters Local 444 is a part bargaining unit representing John Arnett. As an agent, my stand is that John should be paid for the Labor Day. Since John’s working days starts on Tuesdays, and the Labor Day fell on Monday, it is okay to argue that John’s Labor Day was on Tuesday and is entitled to be paid on that day. Similarly, the company’s regulations allow individuals to ask for leave for an hour and a half before the start …

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