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and the band played on

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And the Band Played on

And the Band Played on.
Q 1.
There was an increase in cases of people dying from pneumocystis which was not a major disease. The patents began to rot in their brains and developed warts in legs and arms and fungus in the mouth. Some patients had swollen lymph nodes and also experienced fevers. Additionally, doctors detected that these patients had no T-cells and they could not tell the reason.
The factors indicated an emerging health issue since nobody knew the cause of the disease. The epidemiologists had been able to control Ebola, but they were unaware of how to stop the disease from spreading.
Q 2.
Active surveillance is evident where a task force was established in 1981 in CDC Atlanta to investigate the epidemic for 3 months. Active surveillance was the best method since there was a rise in the number of cases of the virus being reported.
Q 3.
Gaetan Dugas was a gay flight attendant. He had sex with thousands of men from all over the world and therefore contributing to the fast spread of the disease. Additionally, he was a regular customer in the bathhouses was he often had sex without protection. Researchers named him ‘patient 0’ and used his blood, urine, and saliva to study the virus.
Q 4.
An example of patient confidentiality in action was when the officials from the New York Blood Center denied Dale Lawrence access to donor list since it was confidential. The limitation to access the patient na…

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