Analysis of Organ Sales Will Save Lives

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Analysis of Organ Sales Will Save Lives

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Analysis of “Organ Sales Will Save Lives”
In the essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives,” by the author Joanna MacKay argues for the legalization of the sale of kidneys. The following elements are outstandingly addressed in the essay.
Joanna’s essay is well planned and organized. She begins by introducing the topic and stating her position. Her position is then substantiated in the essay. She then concludes by restating the position she has adopted in the issue.
Thesis statement
An excellent essay requires a thesis statement at the end of the introduction to set the readers of the essay up for the remaining parts of the essay. Joanna begins her essay by presenting her position on the topic. In this position, she makes a thesis statement that is clear and arguable.
Counter argument
An excellent essay needs to address most of the potential arguments against the essay’s thesis or some aspect of the author’s reasoning. Joanna’s essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” presents counterarguments to her reasoning that organ sale should be legalized (MacKay 1). This way, her argument is not one-sided. She allows the readers of her essay to view the topic from different perspectives. This presentation of opposing perspectives of her claim introduces objectivity in the argument and makes it more credible and compelling to read.
After presenting various counterarguments, Joanna does not leave her readers guessing which i…

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